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Colorado Barn Home

Custom built barnwood home
Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed Circle Sawn Oak Flooring

Our reclaimed flooring product installed in the Sloane Merrill Gallery, 75 Charles Street, Boston, MA

Sprout Chruch Barn

Rare 19th century timber frame church barn available
The professionals at Barnstormerswood are nationally recognized experts in the dismantling and rebuilding of timber frame barns. We have effectively developed an environmentally conscious methodology that allows us to dismantle and reconstruct old, 19th century barns so the structures can serve their owners well into the next century. It’s a unique way to turn a 19th century vintage barn into a custom family home, cabin, or other high-quality living space. Let our barn restoration team help you assemble a lovely residence made from this reclaimed piece of Americana.

Apart from our work in constructing and conserving recycled/reclaimed barns, we maintain a vast inventory of barn lumber including barn siding, barn beams, dimensional stock, barn doors and all North American barn woods available, that may be used for a variety of purposes. From barnwood flooring, pergolas and furniture, as well as wall laminates, our stock of recycled lumber has found suitable use in many homes, restaurants, art galleries and wineries across the United States. Our recycled barn wood comes in a wide range of species and dimensions, all at affordable prices. Be a responsible citizen and join the green building movement with Barnstormerswood.

Click on the various links provided on this page for further information about our barn restoration services as well as our large inventory of barn wood and beams. We look forward to hearing from you.

Reclaimed Flooring