About Us

barnwood salvage company near Galesburg, ILAt Barnstormerswood we are the timber frame barn experts. We pride ourselves in being the leading barnwood salvage company in the USA. Barnstormerswood offers expert barn dismantling services on a nationwide basis. Our methodology enables century old structures to be reclaimed, restored, and rebuilt anywhere in the world. We carefully tag each piece and using 19th century restoration materials turn an 1880's barn in need of TLC into a fully restored timber frame ready to stand tall for another 150 years as a home, chalet, summer cabin, hunting lodge, residence, or commercial building. Barnstormerswood takes pride in being able to dismantle any barn in the USA in less than 2 weeks. One week is the typical for a common 40x40 19th century barn frame.

Barnstormerswood has all types of barn wood ranging in species and dimension. Beamery in oak, pine or walnut as well as dimensional stock is always available. Barns that don't qualify as re-erection candidates are carefully salvaged and sorted by species and dimension to insure these hundred year old quality materials; siding, joists, rafters and beams, 2x 3x 1x in all sizes are in stock. Rough sawn as well as hand-hewn beamery. Inquire about prices and availability.

Barn homes are distinctive and vital to our country's heritage and future. Reclaiming 19th century hand crafted timber framed barns from states all over the country and rebuilding them as barn homes is a good thing. Historical, imaginative and unique, Barnstormerswood can take you through the process of building your dream barn home and having a genuine piece of Americana. From acquisition and design, to foundation, erection, and sip paneling, Barnstormerswood can cover your bases for you while keeping a realistic budget. Reclaiming America's past while establishing your family's future; what could be better.

Contact Barnstormerswood for a complete overview of what could be your dynamic choice for a custom one of a kind building experience.