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What is Beadboard Siding?

Beadboard Siding

Beadboard siding is a term that many people have heard of, but are not sure what beadboard truly is. Beadboard is a type of narrow, vertical, wood siding that usually comes about 1/3 up the wall. There is a small ridge between each plank of wood, also known as a “bead”, hence the name “beadboard”. While many people are not familiar with this type of siding, it is a great option to add to the home or business for multiple reasons including its ability to match any style, its affordability, and others.


Beadboard SidingBeadboard siding can fit with a number of different styles.


Whether you are going for a rustic feel or a sleek style, beadboards can work with any style you are going for. The look of the boards has a visual appeal that can work with a country look or a cool, modern style. Or, if you are just looking to add a pop of texture to a boring room, beadboard can do just that. Not to mention you can paint beadboard siding, so you can give it the perfect touch of color that your home may be in need of.


Beadboard siding can be installed at any height.


While most times beadboard siding is installed about 1/3 up the walls of a room, they can be installed at any height. While some people only want them installed for a small amount of the wall, there have been others who install beadboard siding up the entire wall of a bedroom, office, etc. It is completely up to the customer when choosing how high the beadboards will be installed.


Beadboard siding can be used anywhere in the house.


Beadboard can be used in multiple areas around your home. While many people install beadboard siding in bathrooms, that is far from the only area of the home it can be installed. Besides the most obvious of being installed on any interior wall, such as a bedroom, office, etc., it can also be used in more unique areas such as on the ceiling, cabinets, or as a kitchen backsplash.


Beadboard siding is an affordable option.


If you are on a budget or don’t want to completely break the bank while fixing up your home, beadboard siding is a great, affordable option. Tile can be relatively expensive, especially if you are looking to cover a large area. Beadboard will give your home the look you are going for, all while sparing yourself some extra pocket change.


Beadboard siding is overall a great siding option if you are looking for an affordable, durable option that will fit great with any style you are planning on going with. No matter which room of the home, or what look you are aiming for, beadboard siding has the ability to become a wonderful, visually appealing addition to your living area. If you are looking into siding options and have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact Barnstormerswood here. Barnstormerswood is a professional barnwood service that offers custom barn doors, barn dismantling services, floor installation, and more. We will be happy to answer any questions you have!



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