Reclaimed Flooring

It goes without saying that the floor is a vital part of your home. You need high-quality flooring that will last through years of everyday use, so it’s important to use durable, nice-looking materials that can serve you well in the long term. Reclaimed hardwood flooring provides a good option for homeowners who value functionality and aesthetics at a reasonable price. Many people hesitate to install recycled wood flooring, partly due to the stigma of buying “used,” but this option comes with a number of benefits that make it well worth looking into.

By putting in reclaimed wood flooring, you help the environment by taking advantage of the vast amount of lumber that has already been used in existing structures—there’s no need to cut down trees. This also gives you access to a wide range of barn wood flooring and related materials that can be difficult to locate in new condition. High-grade rustic wood flooring is both beautiful and dependable—it was used by our ancestors, and it remains an excellent choice even today. See below for pictures and additional information. Inquiries? Call us at: 309-368-7472 or Contact us here.