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Popular Reclaimed Wood Flooring Options

Popular Reclaimed Wood Flooring


With reclaimed wood being such a huge home trend lately, everyone has been asking a number of questions about the most popular reclaimed wood options. Specifically, what the most popular reclaimed wood flooring options consist of. Considering that the flooring is a vital part of your home, it is important to make sure you install a durable yet aesthetically pleasing choice. Luckily, with reclaimed flooring comes these benefits and more. Reclaimed flooring options are all extremely beautiful yet durable choices that will last for years to come. Out of all of the reclaimed flooring options, there are a few that remain the most popular in comparison to others.


Popular Reclaimed Wood Flooring


Smooth Faced Walnut – If you are going for a clean, timeless look, Smooth Faced Walnut is a great option. The darker complexion will go with any style you have in mind from elegant to a more rustic feel.


Cherry Flooring – With natural reddish tones, Cherry Flooring is one of the most popular due to its pop of rich color and its overall uniqueness. It is a great flooring option that mixes both durability and timeless beauty.


Ash Flooring – Ash Flooring is similar to Oak Flooring in the sense that contains large swirling grain that shows off its bold texture. While it has more of a pale tone to it than other reclaimed wood flooring options, it remains one of the most popular reclaimed wood flooring options.


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Circle Sawn Mix Hardwood – Circle Sawn Mix Hardwood is one of the more unique reclaimed wood options as it has a combination of colors to it from deep chocolates to light gray hues. The nail and saw marks on the planks will be sure to add a vintage statement to your home.


White Oak Flooring – If you are straying away from darker flooring, White Oak Flooring is a great option due to its natural light color. The white hues will make any room look clean and elegant all while adding a unique touch that will be sure to compliment any decor.


Circle Sawn Oak – If you are going for a more rustic style, Circle Sawn Oak is the right choice. With its bold wood characteristics and rough, worn look, it will be sure to draw attention in all of the right ways.


Hand Scraped Walnut – Hand Scraped Walnut floors are contoured to bring out the wood’s natural characteristics and is sure to add warmth to any home. Its unique qualities are what make it one of the most popular reclaimed wood flooring options.


With hundreds of flooring options out there, it is difficult to know which ones are of highest quality and durability while remaining an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. Reclaimed wood is by far one of the best options for flooring out there. Not only will it last for years to come, but it adds a beautifully unique sense of style to any home, all while remaining affordable. If you are looking for reclaimed flooring, check into these more popular options to see if they would fit in with the look you are going for. If you are interested in reclaimed wood flooring, Barnstormerswood can answer any questions you may have. Barnstormerswood offers the best reclaimed barnwood in North America and offers a number of services including flooring installation. If you are interested in any of the flooring options above, be sure to take a look at our flooring inventory or contact us here as we have a wide variety of options that will be sure to benefit your home in more than one way.



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