Barnwood Siding

Barnstormerswood keeps large quantities of barn siding in all colors. Barn siding comes off of the barn in different widths but most common widths are 6", 8", 10" and 12" wide, but we rip custom widths to your specifications. Our barn siding is priced by the square foot. We ship to all corners of the world all year long in quantities up to 18,000 board feet (a typical tractor trailer load). Bundles usually run from 6' to 16' long. We happily take custom orders for all quantities, widths, and colors. All siding is denailed, end trimmed, and passes a quality control inspection to ensure that the product you receive is one that we would proudly install in our own homes.

Every barn and outbuilding that we harvest siding from yields slightly different siding as no two buildings are the same. Species, seasonal changes, and exposure to sunlight are all contributing factors to the overall look of each run of siding.

Barnstormerswood always has barn siding available in any color and quantities......6, 8, 10, and 12 inch wide is the most common. We can ship asap for any area in the country up to 18,000 bd ft truckloads at a time. Siding is end trimmed, denailed and defected for rot and insect damage. Bundles are 6 to 16 ft long. Most boards run 8 thru 14ft long. Barnstomerswood can take custom orders for lengths and colors also. Grey, white, red, faded reds and whites and brown are always in stock.

Barnwood Siding Inventory

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