Barn Beams

We have a large selection of barn beamsBarnstormerswood carries sawn and hewn barn beams. Species vary, and dimensions range in size from 4x4's and 6x6's all the way up to the occasional 14x. The most common dimensions are 8x8's and 10x10's. 12x12's are available upon request and if you'd like something larger we'll find it. Ask us about available lengths.

We fill large orders and can flat saw beams to desired dimensions. Beams are shipped de-nailed and end trimmed or we can leave the tenons on.

Barnstormerswood has barn beams available in hand hewn or sawn. Multi species available......4x4 6x6 8x8 10x10 and bigger are common. Barnstormerswood does custom large orders for big projects including unusual sizing. Beams are shipped denailed and trimmed or with tenons. Beams can be pressure washed upon request. Barnstormerswood also has demolition beams available from cotton mills, tobacco warehouses and manufacturing buildings currently being dismantled in states like SC, NC, VA, TN and KY. Good heart pine and yellow pine beamery is available.